10 Misconceptions About Sleep Debunked

How do you view sleep? Is it something you treat with apathy, or is it important to you and how you function on any given day? Regardless of how you view this important ‘act’ in your life, there are some myths about sleep that could make you ill.

There are so many misconceptions about sleep out there, but this short post speaks about 10. If you want to learn why these are mere myths, check out the original article by clicking the link below: 10 Misconceptions and Myths About Sleep Debunked.

  1. Your Brain and Other Organs Shut Down while You Sleep
  2. An Hour Less of Quality Snooze Time Doesn’t Affect How You Function During the Day
  3. Your Biological Clock Adjusts Easily to Different Sleep Schedules
  4. The Older You Get, the Less Sleep You Need
  5. Sufficient Rest Gets Rid of Excessive Daytime Sleepiness
  6. Food Doesn’t Affect Your Sleep
  7. Weekend Rest Gives You Ample Time to Catch Up on Sleep
  8. Adults Need 5 Hours or Less of Snooze Time
  9. You’re a Great Sleeper When You Can Recall Your Dreams
  10. A Lack of Sleep is Unrelated to Chronic Health Conditions


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