How to Prevent No See Um Bites

You don’t have to worry about every no see um, just the female ones. They inflict painful bites, and according to research, some may transmit protozoans, nematodes, and vectors.

If your area is infested with no see ums, you know how agonizing it can be to deal with them. The video to follow highlights different things you can do to prevent no see um bites, and even recommends a few products.

How to Make Garlic Aphid Spray for Garden Use

Aphids are soft-bodied, sap-sucking insects. These plant bullies scout out various types of plants to feed on. The sugary liquid from plants is important to an aphid’s development and is later broken down and reconstructed into vital proteins.

If you’re having issues with aphids in your garden, there are various organic ways to control their population. Research shows that garlic extract not only repels aphids but attracts beneficial predators such as the green lacewing and lady beetle.

The video below shows how you can make a basic garlic aphid spray and 2 other alternatives. These alternatives make your garlic spray better, as you’ll be able to kill aphids on contact, not only repel them.

10 Misconceptions About Sleep Debunked

How do you view sleep? Is it something you treat with apathy, or is it important to you and how you function on any given day? Regardless of how you view this important ‘act’ in your life, there are some myths about sleep that could make you ill.

There are so many misconceptions about sleep out there, but this short post speaks about 10. If you want to learn why these are mere myths, check out the original article by clicking the link below: 10 Misconceptions and Myths About Sleep Debunked.

  1. Your Brain and Other Organs Shut Down while You Sleep
  2. An Hour Less of Quality Snooze Time Doesn’t Affect How You Function During the Day
  3. Your Biological Clock Adjusts Easily to Different Sleep Schedules
  4. The Older You Get, the Less Sleep You Need
  5. Sufficient Rest Gets Rid of Excessive Daytime Sleepiness
  6. Food Doesn’t Affect Your Sleep
  7. Weekend Rest Gives You Ample Time to Catch Up on Sleep
  8. Adults Need 5 Hours or Less of Snooze Time
  9. You’re a Great Sleeper When You Can Recall Your Dreams
  10. A Lack of Sleep is Unrelated to Chronic Health Conditions


Can Essential Oils be Used for a Sinus Infection?

Aren’t you excited for those moments where your sinuses become blocked and inflamed? I hope my terrible case of sarcasm is sensed. Sinusitis is a horrible condition. It affects your quality of life, and research shows that it could contribute to blindness, among other untoward medical conditions.

If you have had enough of sleepless nights, stuffy nose, bad breath, and everything else that comes along with sinusitis, there’s good news.

Did you know that using essential oils at home might help you cope with a bad case of sinusitis?

The images to follow highlight a list of 10 of the best essential oils for sinus congestion that actually works.

EO For Sinus Congestion (SOCIAL)_BASIL





EO For Sinus Congestion (SOCIAL)_LEMON


EO For Sinus Congestion (SOCIAL)_MYRTLE







EO For Sinus Congestion (SOCIAL)_THYME

How to Use Essential Oils for Hair Growth

Thick, thriving hair is a craving for men and women alike. This is because it adds aesthetics to the physical being.

Many have plunged into depression and self-loathing because they can’t seem to fix the “bald patches” on the crown, or regrow thinning edges. If you’re struggling with your head of hair, all isn’t lost.

There are things you can do to stimulate the scalp and in turn, promote hair growth, even if the progress is small. A little new growth is better than none, right?

Using hair serums made from natural oils is a great start to your routine, not only because they pose little to no risk to your health, but are effective. If you’re looking for simple essential oils for hair growth recipes to try at home, this information-packed article is a good guide to consider.

Your health is important, so always ensure you do your due diligence. Knowledge ensures sound, conclusive decisions are made, so it’s wise to research extensively to see what works for you.

Remember, results differ, too. Never anticipate that you’ll achieve the same amazing results others have. But, you have options.

In the essential oils for hair growth article, the writer, spoke about her personal experience, what she used, along with other hair serums that have been proven effective by research and clinical trials.

There’s something there for everyone. Head on over to the article and ensure to share with others if you find it valuable. Let’s work together to grow those edges and bald areas back.

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6 Quotes that Highlight Goals you Need to Set in a Relationship

Are you looking to improve things in your relationship to ensure it lasts?

Relationships are similar to any other pursuits in life. To get the best and most out of it, you need a strategy. Often times, a strategy involves setting goals to get where you need to be.

These quotes highlight 6 important goals you and your spouse need to work toward for success.

Note: These quotes originally appeared in 6 Goals Couples Should Have for a Healthy Relationship.

Quote #1

An excellent workman always searches for new ways to hone and harness his skills. Shouldn’t you make room for improvements in your relationship?

Quote #2

House chores are endless; each member of the family needs to carry their own share of the load to make it work.

Quote #3

If you’re going to make a decision, even if you have the right to, but it’s going to affect your mate, wouldn’t it be loving to let that person know?

Put yourself in their shoes. How would you feel if they made decisions behind your back, especially those that would likely cause you harm or put you in a difficult situation?

Quote #4

Try to eat a meal together every day. Make use of every opportunity to communicate with your mate. When spending quality time together, resist the urge to be on social media. They need your attention, all of it!

Quote #5

Learn to oblige your mate. Sometimes it’s pointless to argue when a simple disagreement can be laid to rest. Sometimes it’s best to give up this one thing to ensure your relationship survives.

Quote #6

Don’t become engrossed in other activities when your mate tries to discuss things with you. This could be embarrassing for you, and disrespectful for your mate.

Resist the urge to also speak when your mate brings to the fore something they find distasteful or hurtful. Let them have their say. Once they’re done, you’re free to speak.

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10 Best No See Um Repellents


\Tired of being viciously attacked by no see ums outdoors?

Are you putting up a hard fight to resist their powerful, irritable bites, but your current battle strategy doesn’t match up to their persistence?

Like you, millions of people, and livestock worldwide endure brutal injustices at the hands of no see ums. In fact, “the only large inhabited land-masses where they are known to be absent are New Zealand and the southernmost areas of South America”.*

You’re not alone in this struggle; and despite your current situation, you can fight back. By using an effective no see ums repellent, you can finally linger outdoors, whenever you want and for however long.

With so many options out there, together, we’ll take a look at the 10 best no see ums repellents you can turn to for comfort.

10 Best No See Ums Repellents to Sport in 2019

No see ums repellents aren’t the only options at your disposal. Depending on your location, you may need to consider other factors, For example, if you’re living close to a no see ums breeding site, perhaps a pond, simply wearing repellents won’t reduce their numbers.

Check out this article if you wish to entertain guests and family outdoors, but often have issues with no see ums.

But, if you’re only looking to protect you and a few other immediate relatives, here’s the 10 best no see ums repellents to sport with. Read the full article.


¿Cuáles eran sus expectativas antes de su gran evento, festivo? Prevé hizo dicha sin fin y noches pasadas sentado bajo un cielo iluminado por la luna contemplando el cielo estrellado?

Tal vez también foto pequeño aún; usted y su pareja a uno y otro lado con el pequeño Johnny, o Jane, snugged entre dos adultos con amor infinito e incondicional por los demás.

Sucede; la gente hace entrar en matrimonios con expectativas poco realistas.

Los escenarios antes mencionados no son imposibles; muchas parejas experimentan momentos de intensa alegría, con hueso emocionante.

Diametralmente opuesta, muchas parejas no logran anticipar la “tribulación” que habían experimentan en la carne una vez que se enuncian: “Yo.”

Una vez que estos momentos desagradables a salir de la fosa y tomar residencia en su casa una vez feliz, que podría lanzar en las toallas y abandonar el paseo nupcial. Hay una gran cantidad de razones por las que fracasan los matrimonios; sabemos que estos problemas comunes de la familia muy bien.

En lugar de una lista exhaustiva de por qué su matrimonio no funcionó o podría fallar, es más relevante para hablar de la principal razón por qué los matrimonios tienen éxito en la actualidad.

“¿Que es eso?”

La respuesta simple podría ser desconcertante.

¿Por qué los matrimonios tienen éxito – Una mirada a Egoísmo

Egoísmo. Eso es lo que promueve el mundo. Todos tenemos un toque de egoísmo en estado latente, o no lo tenga tan activos como los políticos corruptos que corren por delante para ganar votos.

Si está contaminado por el egoísmo, hay un deseo nauseabundo poco saludable para elevar su agenda personal por encima de todo, incluso lo que es mejor para su relación .

Es esta actitud egoísta que ha causado tantos padres que abandonan a sus hijos, porque son más preocupado por cómo se ven afectados, en lugar de lo que va a ser de este niño.

Cuando una actitud egoísta se puso de relieve en los matrimonios, que está más inclinado a centrarse en cómo se siente, y los problemas de la angustia mental Familia impone en usted, no la familia como una unidad.

Eso es perfectamente normal.

Hay sangre corriendo por sus venas, y cuando estás hecho, que sangran.

Siempre voy a pensar cómo se está afectado por problemas de pareja , pero que nunca han considerado cómo su pareja se siente acerca de la situación, y la forma en que está afectado por sus acciones?

Ver, el egoísmo piensa en “auto”, por lo que incluso cuando eres el autor, “auto” no le permite a poner las cosas en retrospectiva, o es dueño de hasta situaciones en las que has hecho mal.

Es fácil de cultivar el egoísmo; que (usted) fueron criados de esa manera.

Sin embargo, es terriblemente difícil de cultivar esta única cualidad necesaria que necesita para hacer que su matrimonio tenga éxito.

¿Por qué tienen éxito matrimonios? Amor

preguntó Tina Turner, “el amor de Lo que tiene que hacer con él?” y Leonard Cohen reiteró cómo “el amor no es una marcha de la victoria.”

Estos sentimientos son fáciles de recoger y correr con, quizás, dadas las brutales amoríos insensibles que ha experimentado en su vida. Pero, hasta que haya captado, en su totalidad, lo que es ‘amor verdadero’, que puede ayudar a resistir las tormentas más grandes en su matrimonio.

No, este amor no se hizo alarde de películas a lo largo de cuentos, y usted no lo encontrará saltarse las páginas de las novelas románticas, con vapor caliente; tal vez en una librería, pero se obtiene a dónde va esto.

El amor es hermoso, y el amor que se espera que tenga para su compañera es una joya;corales preciosos que necesitan cuidado y atención.

Este amor es capaz de empujar a su matrimonio por encima de todo para el verdadero éxito y la felicidad. La cita a seguir muestra qué es el amor, y por extensión, la forma en que puede ser cultivada para su compañero.

“El amor es paciente y amable. El amor no es celoso. No se vanagloria, no se hincha, no se porta indecentemente, no busca su propio interés, no se siente provocado. No lleva cuenta del daño. No se regocija por la injusticia, mas se goza de la verdad. Se sufre, todo lo cree, todo lo espera, todo lo soporta todas las cosas. . El amor nunca falla”- (1 Corintios 13: 4 – 8) NWT sagradas escrituras

En conclusión, no elevar sus asuntos por encima de su matrimonio. El egoísmo no es un rasgo para el rock en tu seno. Amor, sin embargo, debe ser aceptada con toda sinceridad.No es amor a sí mismo, pero el amor de su creador, el mate, y el matrimonio. Si usted y su cónyuge encontrar el verdadero significado de la cita anterior, y trata a ello mutuamente, qué hermoso será su unión.

Haga clic ahora para leer este artículo en inglés.