11 Summer Bugs to Look Out For This Summer

The kids are off from school, your bucket list is in hand, your muscles are being worked to fit right into that tantalizing bikini, and you’re aching to pick up a new hobby or two for the summer. Sounds good, right? So far, so good.

Until your mind journeys back to last summer, and you distinctly remember all those summer bugs you had to contend with. That’s right!  While summer is beautiful for many, it can be a nightmare for others.

It is true, some pests come out in gangs during the summer holidays more than others. But, you have an advantage. You can prepare for these pests before they invade your home and personal space. What are these common summer insects and how can you fight back?


Getting Rid of Pesky No See Ums At Home

We all know what it feels like to be bitten. These little flies are everywhere. Whether you’re taking a nice exotic walk on the beach or heading to your favourite holiday destination, it is quite possible that you’ll stumble on no see ums.

…What do you do when the inevitable happens? Do you fold your hands, try to suck things up like a man (or woman), and enjoy your vacation? Or, do you look for ways and means to fight back?

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Relationship Books for Couples to Grow In Love Together

Relationships take a lot of work. Just like a plant, you’ll need to water and nurture your relationship if you want it to thrive, and not just survive.

Many people who have had relationship problems in the past, went to therapy sessions as a family to heal. However, that option can be costly. To add, some people aren’t comfortable sharing their thoughts with a total stranger.

An alternative to that problem is relationship books. There are countless self-help books out there that you can use to grow a healthy and steady relationship. Here are a few recommended options.

5 Love Languages: The Secrets to Love That Lasts

Communication Miracles for Couples: Easy and Effective Tools to Create More Love and Less Conflict
Relationships: A Mess Worth Making
Relationships: A Mess Worth Making
Could you identify any of the books listed above? What did you enjoy about this morsel? To view more information on the recommended books above, visit the original post about the best relationship books on my blog. 

How Do Essential Oils Work on the Mind and Body?

Essential oils aren’t only reputable for their aroma but are also beneficial to the body and mind. Plants and herbs have been used for years because of their natural properties, and have in some cases, called ‘natural healers’. Are you thinking about using essential oils but skeptical about how they work on the mind and body?

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Children With Disabilities: How to Cope When Dealing With Children With Special Needs

If you’re parent to a child with special needs, anxiety is the order of the day. Most of your waking hours, you’ll likely be anxious about how you’ll mete out the appropriate care for your disabled child.

Taking care of a healthy child is difficult enough; having to deal with a disabled one takes twice the amount of energy – physically, mentally, and emotionally.

However, do not become despondent. Many parents caring for disabled children have been successful and you can too. Here are a few sage suggestions to consider when dealing with a disabled child. Read the full article on the main blog.


Children Aren’t Super Human, But Here’s What You Can Learn From Them

Do you have the pleasure of watching your children grow up? If you’re without children of your own, do you make time to observe the ones you encounter?

If you aren’t observing the behavioral tendencies of children, you could be missing out. “Missing out on what?” you might ask.

What could I possibly learn from children? In my recent article posted on Lifestyle Prowess, I spoke about at least 4 qualities adults can learn to cultivate just by observing children.

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